Burrito Bison

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Burrito Bison Like most distance games, Burrito Bison has very simple controls .You wait for the lucky wheel to turn and choose the best timing. If you choose wisely you will be thrown to air by a giant pink creature, don't really know what he's supposed to be, lol. After being thrown to air, there is not too much to do. The bison bounces on the scared gummy candies and you must hope lady luck sent you to the correct spot. Luckily, we have various upgrades to lengthen our flight- Rockets that add bounces, slippery lotions to make the landing more smooth and bouncing boots are just part of the upgrades available. Also you may purchase lucy charms that increase the chances of meeting friendly gummies that extend your flight. I would say that Burrito Bison is just another distance game, but the game's art is really elevating the game. The graphics is top-notch, the sound is nice, even though repetitive and the story line is hilarious. As you bounce into the air, collecting more upgrades you will meet various gummies, upgrades and gold, and for some reason, it seems those distance games never wear off. Burrito Bison is a well designed distance game with enough content to keep you busy for the next hour or so.

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